Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age can I start giving GR to my kids?

    We recommend giving it to kids who are 12 months, or older.

  • How much should I start with?

    Great question - we recommend you start slow.. This is one of the best ways to get kids to eat these greens consistently. If you start with too much, they’ll likely notice and you may find yourself struggling to get them to take it. With that said, the spoon we include is the perfect size to “start.” It’s about 1g or a little less than ½ tsp. Work your way up to a full tsp over time or over the course of a day (e.g. ½ tsp in morning and ½ tsp in evening).

  • What’s the best way to give it to them?

    We’ve found the most success putting it in sweeter drinks like smoothies, orange juice / regular juice and even chocolate milk AND making sure you can’t see what’s inside. Specifically, sometimes when little ones notice their favorite drink looks “different”, they no longer are interested. So as a general rule, cups that are opaque do better than cups that are clear.

  • Is Green Rascal a substitute for standard grocery store produce?

    Well, we wouldn’t call it a perfect substitute, but it's a great alternative on the time and convenience basis. We believe whole foods (grocery store produce) should be the number one choice for anyone’s nutrition in a perfect situation. However, we all know that the “perfect situation” in life can be elusive. Thus, we think Green Rascal is a phenomenal alternative to standard produce in many situations given we only remove the water.

  • How do I know they’re getting it?

    If they are finishing a good amount of their smoothie you can feel very good they’re getting it, but if you want to really confirm for yourself you’ll notice when you change their diapers. Poop goes from yellow and brown to green.

  • Any tips / advice?

    • Start slow with a ½ teaspoon or less. The spoon we provided is just under a ½ teaspoon and is a great way to start.
    • Use opaque rather than clear cups.
    • Mix with smoothies or sweeter drinks (OJ / juice, etc).
  • Why is my kids poop green?

    Because they are getting more plant fiber in their diet - which happens to be of green color :)

  • Can I return the product?

    Without giving you a lot of legal and regulatory gibberish, modern food safety laws do not allow us to accept food which has already been shipped / returned.

  • How often can I use green rascal?

    That is somewhat up to you but you can feel good about giving it to them twice a day. 

  • What if my child doesn’t like it?

    Spank them and force feed it to them.

    Just kidding….

    The first thing to do is make sure you're following the best tips and advice. Then, experiment with some different drink and smoothie recipes. We have a list of some of our favorites on YT and FB group.

  • Is green rascal allergen friendly?

    Generally speaking yes - there are no additives in Green Rascal. However if your children are allergic to green foods like spinach and kale, then our greens should certainly be avoided.

  • Has the FDA approved Green Rascal?

    While the FDA oversees many of the regulations for the food and beverage industry, it does not “approve” these items - that is, approval is generally reserved for drugs. But, our processes, procedures and manufacturing processes are all fully in line with FSMA (food safety modernization act) and FDA regulations.

  • Is GR gluten free?

    Absolutely - but to be clear gluten is only something you need to worry about in grain based foods, not green veggies :)

  • My kids love their vitamins, why is this better?

    A multivitamin is certainly better than nothing. That is about the only positive thing I’ll say about them however.

    With multivitamins, micronutrients are isolated and often synthetically (lab) created and are inferior in digestion and absorption to their whole food counter parts.

    To put it more specifically, a spinach leaf is far more than its vitamin A and vitamin K. It is a complex makeup of soluble and insoluble fiber, protein, phytonutrients (carotenoids, flavonoids, lignans), enzymes and of course standard vitamins and minerals. All of these work together in ways we still don’t fully understand. The point is, we aren’t yet at a place in food science where a synthetically created vitamin can come close to rivaling the nutritional benefits of whole foods.

    If you want a more concrete example of the above, think about this. There are hundreds of parts in a Rolex watch - a beautiful and very expensive piece of time tracking technology. However, no one wants to go out and just buy a Rolex band, or a Rolex minute hand - these parts have zero or little value by themselves - it's the whole watch which makes the Rolex useful.

    Put succinctly - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

  • How do I store Green Rascal?

    For maximum nutrition and freshness, Green Rascal should be stored in the fridge or freezer.

  • Do you provide samples?

    Right now, we do not - this could certainly change in the future.

  • What should I put green rascal in?

    Opaque (non-transparent) cups with straws, or sippy cups are great. You basically want to make sure your kiddos can’t tell that their drink looks any different than what they’re used to.

  • What should I mix Green Rascal in?

    Smoothies or juice is the number one mixer for GR (in our opinion). But you don’t need to necessarily limit yourself to just juice and smoothies. For example with our kids (and what we’ve observed w/friends who started giving GR to their toddlers), we gave it to them in plain milk and they loved it that way. Chocolate milk also works great and we’ve also mixed it in popsicles. And if I had to pick only one thing to mix GR in, it would be orange juice.

  • Can I take Green Rascal

    Absolutely (we do, duh) :). We’ve chosen to market towards mom’s and dad’s looking for easier ways to get good nutrition in their little one’s daily routine, but at the end of the day our greens are suitable for anyone over the age of 1. For adults, a ½ TBSP to a full TBSP is in the range of a good serving size.