Meet the Parents (behind Green Rascal)

Hi thereWe’re Weston and Mackenzie, a third generation farming family, focused on growing and producing the most premium green foods on the planet.

But like many of you reading this - our newest and hardest job (since 2017) has become that of Parent. We have three kids under the age of 4 and keeping up with them is more than a full time job.

Back in mid 2017, when our first born was able to eat softer foods - sweet potatoes, apple sauce, and red beets were near the top of high nutrition purees available online or in stores. On the other hand, green veggies like kale, and spinach were hard to come by in a suitable baby form.

And if we’re being honest, pureed broccoli is not the most palatable food for an 8 month old...

But like all problems in life, the solution often happens to be hiding in plain sight from the get go. We realized the greens we grew on our farm, and our ability to naturally preserve and concentrate them, were perfect for feeding to our little ones. And so we did.

When friends and family started seeing pictures of our kids getting greens in their smoothies, they quickly began asking if they could get some too. And so we devised a plan for Green easy, safe, and convenient way for parents to get more whole food veggies into their kids diet.

We’re so happy that you would consider trusting your kids nutrition with our veggies. Please rest assured, we started Green Rascal for our kids - that is, we wanted healthy options for them. Unlike many in Silicon Valley, we’re thrilled to give what we make to our own kids and do so everyday. Please never hesitate to reach out to us personally however. Our FAQ section should answer most of your questions, most of the time, but sometimes hearing from someone else personally is necessary when it comes to your kids.

Happy Parenting,